XI. international congress

Best Practice Models

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Croatian Nursing Association in Neurology has the honour of inviting you to participate in the 11th International Association Congress

Best Practice Models

taking place in Šibenik, in AMADRIA PARK, HOTEL IVAN, from 23 to 26 September 2020

Topics of the congress:

  • The effect of education and communication on the quality of medical treatment
  • Tehnologija patient and staff satisfaction through the implementation of modern technologies
  • Risk management thorugh the establishment of standards and regulations
  • Patient and staff safety assessment

Nurses are responsible for the global advancement of health care and, in that sense, shape health policy using their expertise, abundance, and joint work. Surely, a precondition to this is co-operation with other professionals taking care of patients. Modern-day problem solving requires approaching the issue through change management. When elaborating the problem, one first needs to estimate its scope, determine the issue of apportionment, document the course of the process, define the problem, propose hypotheses, incite research, evaluate the procedures of the process, trace the changes, and plan one’s study.

The success of treating neurological patients to a great extent depends upon the competence of nurses to combine high-technology with humaneness, as well as their educational skills. On the one hand, their involvement in research work needs to gain in importance, while on the other, one cannot overlook solidarity and mutual support as important factors in their work. Common action of nurses on all levels of health care promotes a common philosophy of nursing and ensures that the nursing profession is adequately utilised, rewarded, and in the end represented. The most important aspect of the future is the way in which nurses envisage their mode of operation.

Papers can be submitted through the web application on the website of the Association, www.umsthn.hr, from 1 February to 30 May 2020. All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings. The participation fee for Association members amounts to 1,300 kn + VAT, and 1,500 kn + VAT for all others.

Having in mind the successful co-operation we have been nurturing so far, I kindly invite you to the 11th International Association Congress and send you my regards!

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